Participants are only responsible for their own hotel booking in Senegal through the recommended hotel in New Dakar for the second phase of these event. The organizing committee and the donor sponsoring committee of this event have mandated all participants to pay for their own Senegal hotel booking in order to prove to the USA Department of State Visa Sector (UDSVS) that he/she will attend both events, and they do not have any intention to stay permanently in the United State after their participation in this forth-coming world summit, this is due to the past experiences in April 2012 world summit that was held here in United State, which lead to illegal immigrant to the United State of America.

REGISTRATION OF PARTICIPANTS: A minimum of (1-3) or maximum of (4-6) persons are expected to participate together as a group or organization to represent their Country in the forth-coming events. None of them should be less than eighteen (18) years of age and delegates must participate in both Summit, UNITED STATES/SENEGAL.

NOTE VERY IMPORTANT: It is not necessary that one must belongs to an organization to be eligible to attend this event, he or she can also participate as an individual or a group of 1-2 members if he or she are not capable to form a group to represent a Country.


All registered participants are entitled to meals and accommodation which will be provided during their participation in the United States Summit Conference (only) Participants will only be responsible and to pay for hotel reservation cost in Senegal where the second phase of the summit will be held. Be informed that participants hotel reservation room most be secure and obtain in the selected hotel venue of the summit meeting, to avoid doubt of your visa processing and air round trip ticket from our organization.


We are responsible for your hotel accommodation in California, United States, feeding and transportation. Note also that transportation to the summit congress venue will be provided by the hotel management.

Image result for Hotel in usa photo


                     California Hotel Executive Hull
                     Center United States of America
                      Phone number +1-(760) 300-3434


You are responsible for the payment of your hotel accommodation at Hotel in Senegal where the second phase of the summit will be held due to the inability of our donor sponsoring committee to mobilize enough funds to sponsor the number of expected delegates to attend the summit. Also note that transportation to the summit venue will be provided by the hotel management in Senegal. So it mandatory for all delegates to make his/her booking at (recommended hotel).


              Hotel Ndiaye Dakar Senegal
              04, New Aeroport road-Dakar Sénégal
              Tell: +221-704-931-948


Certificates of attendance and Allowances will be offered to all participants at the end of the second phase of the summit in Senegal.