we accept you to participate in the Second World Summit On Prevention of violence Against Women And Girls, Youth and Women's Welfare. [The topic of the summit is "The Effect on Prevention of violence, Women's Welfare & Human Security]. This event is been organized by Global Women's Association and sponsors by World Thoracic Society (WTS).

The Global Women's Association is a caring community of women who want to connect and collaborate. It is a place where women come to learn about TOTAL LIFE EXCELLENCE. World Thoracic Society (WTS), the association for building the future of transportation through the global advancement of women, connects the industry with the highest levels of women leaders in transportation. EG, including professionals and mid-to-executive level professionals, top government officials, policy drivers, and the next generation of innovators—students.

The conference summit is an excellent opportunity for all participants to present papers and receive critical feedback from peers and experts in the field. We encourage All participants to make a paper presentation on the event topics which is " To equip participants with the strategies and policies to wage a global war against prevention violence against Women, Youth & HIV/AIDS" as it affects your society, for all documentation will be published by the Economic Development and Human Rights Organization and certificate will be giving to all participants as a representative of 2018 world conference summit meeting.


Health professionals who work youth data, programs, or policies across a broad range of issues (e.g., reproductive or parental health, child or adolescent health, methodology/data, family planning, social determinants of health and health disparities) including: Academicians, Bio-statisticians, Clinicians (including Obstetricians, Pediatricians, Nurses, Midwives, Family Practitioners) Community advocates, Data analysts, Epidemiologists Evaluates, Non-profit workers, Policymakers, Program specialists, Researchers, Students.

The independent donors and the organization sponsors are responsible for participants traveling documents (Visa) application processing and Air round trip tickets to attend the summit and there will also be translators present at the congress for all major languages.


All registered participants are entitled to free visa arrangements by the Effect of Terrorism on Global Economy and Human Security along with your round trip air tickets, meals and accommodation which will be provided during their stay in the United State of America.

All delegates will be responsible for their own Hotel Booking in Senegal during the second phase of the event due to the inability of our partner organizations to mobilize enough funds to sponsor the numbers of expected delegates for these events.